About Me

I have never really been good with writing about me sections, I never know what to say in these things. So instead of writing endless paragraphs about myself, Ill just give you all a quick introduction:


 – 24 years old
– A college drop-out with no regrets 
– Employed
– The oldest of two ( I have a younger brother, Eric, who happens to have Autism)
– In a constant battle with my A.D.D and Anxiety (I can’t ever seem to win with those two)
– Just trying to find my place on this lawless and unforgiving, yet beautiful and wonderful, planet we all call home.


[Disclaimer: I have created this blog for no other reason than the fact that I have been dealing with a lot recently and have quit smoking (for good this time!) and I can’t seem to keep a journal to save my life.So this blog is nothing more than an outlet for me, a place for me to, a) express all the things I don’t/can’t/won’t say out loud, b) let my thoughts flow, and c) to clear my head of random/stupid thoughts to make room for more important things (like studying). Hope you all enjoy ♥]


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