The First of Many Posts

I have never really had a blog (unless you consider Tumblr a “real” blog). I have always liked the idea of having one, yet, every time I attempted to start one I hesitated. I would sit there looking at a computer screen trying to muster up enough courage to put myself out there and express myself, but I was younger and afraid to put myself out there. I felt as though I had nothing interesting or important to say. I felt as if I posted what I really thought, those words would come back to haunt me. I was afraid to show my ‘friends’ and my peers my true A.D.D and anxiety-ridden self;  I knew if i did I would be treated differently and, in high school, revealing that part of yourself is considered “social suicide”. So I left it alone and walked away, keeping all of my thoughts to myself tucked away where no one could see them. Now, years later, here I am. 

One may ask why I am choosing now to finally get around to creating the blog I’ve walked away from so many times before. Well, its simple really. I grew up. I have learned that the only person I need to impress is myself, because when you get down to it, all you have is you.